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biotechnology & society

The influence of biotechnology on the production and processing of food, and on health care is increasing. This evolution is applauded by some and deplored by others.

Our website wants to help you gain insight in the pros and cons, in the recent applictions and evolutions, and their ecological, economical and political influence on the global society.

To keep our independence there has been consciously chosen to not accept any form of subsidy. For the financing of our activities we have two sources: research projects and the exploitation of 'guest rooms', Ferme la belle vue, tel: +32 (0)61 46 78 13 or mobile +32 (0) 472 33 97 68.

These are situated in the Ardens in a splendid region, (see foto gallery) also recommended for sport-loving bicycle excursions both with the race-bike and the mountain-bike. But also to quietly read a book and enjoy the rest in these environment.




How will be this year?

That many of our visitors will wonder. How will it go with our food supply? Will there be a concentration of power on our seeds and plants by patenting?

What impact will have the warming of our atmosphere?

Shall our scientific knowledge allow us to maintain our food supply